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My First Mess of Food Images

Food! If you are on any kind of social media you've probably noticed all of the beautiful photographs and recipe

videos of amazing, eye catching food! From dishes consisting of only beef and bacon, to famous cultured recipes (my favorite) that will leave you craving them for days! I'm addicted to all the healthy food recipes, especially since they have been becoming more popular for people to use in their everyday lives. So, how could I not try to photograph it! Also, it's a bonus for this broke college student to make and photograph food that doesn't consist of instant pasta or Chinese take out (from Hyvee of course).

I alway have been drawn to the foods that weren't the typical "American Food". Growing up in a diverse city, with friends of different ethnicities, I was able to try food that most kids would never come near. Only one food put me on the edge of my seat; I was at a birthday party of one of my friends families house, the candles were just blown out, and the cake was being served. As I took my first bite I quickly swallowed it, turned to my best friend and tried to explain to her that there was something wrong with the cake. It was wet! Tres leche cake threw me off completely! I've loved it ever since, as long as someone tells me its tres leche!

The photographs below are either inspired from other photographers, or something I've always wanted to try and make! Like the chai seed pudding I kept running into on Pinterest; My teacher referred it as "gray blob pudding", which I might add was very delicious topped off with some strawberries and honey!

With all that being said I hope I made you very hungry.

Enjoy looking at my food photography! ​

© Elise Juelich Photography 2022

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