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Madison Magazine - Craving Pie?

“There’s another food photo from that Elise photographer” …. That might have just gone through your head, and it also might be true - but these images mean much more than that to me! These beautiful pies are the mark of my first assignment for Madison Magazine.

Last week I had the opportunity to expand my portfolio and add to my career as a professional photographer. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Amanda, she convinced me to apply for a Madison Magazine internship. Sadly, I was denied the internship. To my surprise, I was offered a position as a freelance photographer instead! What?!

My first assignment led me to the friendly face of a pie creator at Gates and Brovi on Monroe Street. What an awesome place! The smell of fresh pies, the distressed wood & shiplap, and the welcoming smiles made me feel right at home! I know I won’t be able to resist returning for more pie! Who’s coming with me!? The article will be coming out in Madison Magazines November Issue.

Y'all, I cannot wait!

© Elise Juelich Photography 2022

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