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Indigo Trails - You'll Want To See This!

I have been shooting at Indigo Trails for years, even back when it used to be old, abandon, and overgrown sheep farm. Ever since I received my sweet 16 birthday gift, a Rebel camera, this beautiful old farm has been my favorite location for all types of photo shoots! Many of my photos you see are taken at this farm - even my own senior pictures! Old oak barns surrounded with overgrown grass and wild flowers … the perfect picture of how beautiful Wisconsin really is!

When Stacey Bean first bought this farm, I assumed it would be the end of my spontaneous photo shoots. To my surprise, this sweet and loving woman not only restored this beautiful farm, but allowed me to continue shooting on the farm! She welcomed me, my clients, and their horses with open arms. I’ve shot a lot of horses and people at this farm, but I had yet to get the Bean family and their FIVE horses behind the camera! As a thank you, I decided to make it my personal project this year to give her something that showed how much I appreciated her! While she was gone, I went to her barn to take photos for my personal project (Thank you Kim Ballweg for helping and holding the horses). The result turned out amazingly well! Her horses are stunning, and this photo proves it! You would think the hard part was done, right? False - I still had to plan the surprise of giving this to her!

Stacey is quite the busy woman, which made this challenging. I decided to follow her to a horse show where Stacey and her daughter were competing for the day. The surprise brought her to smile from ear to ear - I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction! This gift is only a fraction of my gratitude for all she’s done for me! I hope you enjoy the picture as much as Stacey and I do!

© Elise Juelich Photography 2022

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