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Madison Magazine - Lone Girl Brewing Company

Last week I packed up my camera and headed over to Waunakee’s Lone Girl Brewing Company. I was greeted with a mix of old worn wood and industrial decor - everything flowed together so well! Inside and out, this restaurant has such a warm appeal!

Did you know that food could be photogenic? I didn’t either…until I visited here. Along with this delicious food, they also had the perfect drinks to compliment these dishes. It might have been photogenic, but it sure was difficult to photograph - the smell was tantalizing! I had so much fun with this session, the dinner rush was already beginning when I left. The best part? They packed up the food and let me take it home! Can I say best food shoot ever!? This girl right here was one happy camper! And in case you were wondering - yes, it tasted just as good as it looked!

I think these Madison Magazine shoots are turning out even better than I planned! Lone Girl Brewing Company will be featured in Madison Magazine’s December Issue.

Don't miss it!

© Elise Juelich Photography 2022

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