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Before The Session

Can I bring someone to the shoot?


YES! Feel free to bring along a family member, horse trainer, or a friend.


What if the weather is bad?


If the forecast has a prediction of bad weather on the day of the shoot, I can happily reschedule. Both overcast and sunny conditions are wonderful lighting for photoshoots. (And rain too, if that's what you are going for.)


What do I bring to the shoot?


Bring the number of outfits allowed your session, some touch-up makeup, extra jewelry options, and your big beautiful smile. 


What should I wear?


Go through your closet or GO SHOPPING! You don't have to buy all new outfits, just choose something that will make your day special.  Select outfits that will fit with the time and location of your session. 


Casual, Dressed up or Show wear?


Location, Location, LOCATION! If the session is going to be in the city or town you could do both casual or dress up. If we are going with a country theme, then most likely all three will work! I want you to feel like and be yourself. So, I want you to look like yourself! If you choose to wear your show wear I would suggest using your show tack. 

Day of The Session

What if I am running late?


I understand that things come up and time is not on your side some days. Depending on the day, we could hold off the shoot for at least 15 minutes. After that time we would have to reschedule.


Should I lunge my horse?


YES! Working your horse down makes the process easier for all of us! Once they are tired you can get them ready just as if you were at a horse show. Horses get camera shy too!


Halter, Bridle, or none of the above?


That is up to you! If you are comfortable to have no tack on your horse, GO FOR IT! We can certainly do all three as well.


Professional makeup & hair?


Professional hair and makeup will only help both of us!


Should I apply horse polish?


If you apply a hoof polish to your horse at a horse show, then the same goes for a photo session! Applying polish to your horse's hoofs will make them, and you, look clean.

After The Session

When will I receive my pictures?


For me to edit and perfect the images, expect it to take 3 - 6 weeks depending on the session. Every session needs special editing and techniques to make the best images for you!


Do I get a sneak peek?


Of course! (With your permission) I have to control myself not to post them all sometimes. I try to present the sneak peek the week of the shoot and really try to post a few peeks. I know I'm mean, but you have to be somewhat surprised when you receive the images.


Can I share the picture on my social media?


YES PLEASE! Credit to Elise Juelich Photography is always deeply appreciated. Remember that these images are yours to post and share wherever you want.


When is the payment due?


The balance is due at the end of your shoot or before I share your draft gallery. You will also sign a contract and receive an invoice if you choose.


Is there an extra charge for rushing the images?


There will be an extra charge for rushed images! It's a long process to edit pictures in the 2 - 6 weeks. Rushing them takes up a lot of time, but I'm willing to rush the images for my clients!

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